Hello there!

My name is Marta and I’m an Italian (new) architect, with a deep devotion for J.R.R. Tolkien and his works.

What am I doing here? I will try to join these two passions together, since I have never found anything detailed related to architectures in Middle-Earth – and since I weren’t enough masochistic studying architecture, here I am studying Middle-Earth architectures!

I will try to explain (in an easy and hopefully nice way) styles, way of constructions, a little bit of history… and everything will be related to our architecture. As the Professor wrote in one of his letters, we are currently living during the Sixth/Seventh Age, and I guess our history of architecture took some influences from Middle-Earth.

From Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, letter 211:
“I could have fitted things in with greater versimilitude, if the story had not become too far developed, before the question ever occurred to me. I doubt if there would have been much gain; and I hope the, evidently long but undefined, gap* in time between the Fall of Barad-dûr and our Days is sufficient for ‘literary credibility’, even for readers acquainted with what is known or surmised of ‘pre-history’.
* I imagine the gap to be about 6000 years: that is we are now at the end of the Fifth Age, if the Ages were of about the same length as S.A. and T.A. But they have, I think, quickened; and I imagine we are actually at the end of the Sixth Age, or in the Seventh.”

The material and the ideas you will find here, do not represent Tolkien’s thoughts and Peter Jackson’s view of things (or John Howe and Alan Lee’s). This is by no means an accurate atlas of what they were thinking when writing, drawing, creating. It is only a fun way to relate something that comes from the pen of a genius to our reality.

I do not own anything you recognise.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Splendido approccio alla Terra di Mezzo: ritrovarla viva e reale, nelle sfaccettature dell’architettura “del nostro mondo”. Il Professore, che tanto ha fatto per dare vita ad Arda, approverebbe…

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